Project and data management involves directing and organizing each part of the project life cycle, from ideation to completion. It’s a holistic practice with the goal of delivering projects on time and under budget. It addresses many important concerns, including planning, design and construction of a project, cost control, scheduling, procurement, and risk assessment. The Oracle Smart Construction Platform combines industry-trusted applications with a common data environment, to help owners and delivery teams work together and continuously improve outcomes of their projects.

At GISCAD, we know that turning big plans into successful projects takes the right tools, teamwork, and insights. That’s why we’re offering market-leading, secure, and trusted, project and data management solutions from Oracle. It’s the most comprehensive cloud platform, that drives collaboration by connecting your teams, processes, and data across the project life cycle.

From planning and scheduling to project delivery and financials, through handover and operation, you need proven solutions that boosts productivity, and control and transform data into insights. This helps to power success today, tomorrow, and years ahead. The following are some of our project management software solutions offered at GISCAD.

Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM

It’s the best Project Scheduling Platform that enables project team members to collaborate, and update project progress, whilst producing reports in real time.


Graphical Data Visualization And Reporting

  • Expand your scheduling capabilities with advanced reporting features.
  • Easily generate highly customizable Reports, Graphs and Curves.

Robust & Collaborative Scheduling

  • Plan, schedule, and control large-scale project programs.
  • Collaborative scheduling process with inputs from all teammates.
  • Work with the estimators, construction managers and site personnel.

Stay On Top Of Projects Portfolios

  • Make schedules accessible to all users.
  • Manage Projects from portfolio level with resources and much more.
  • Ideal for handling several Project schedules and tasks.

Features and Benefits

Optimize Your Resources

  • Develop resource and cost loaded programmes.
  • Strongly solve management inadequacies.

Identify Project Delays

  • Accurately forecasts project progress and resource requirement.
  • Resource scheduling features which reduce project delays, with inbuilt customer communication on progress delays.

Integrations And Customizations

  • Can be easily customized according to the organizational needs.
  • Integrates with BI Publisher and other business management systems, and most ERPs with web versions.

Flexibility And Support

  • Primavera EPPM application is user-friendly.
  • Organize complex schedules with strong Work Breakdown Structure. With easy to use, graphics and reporting features as per industry standards.

Software Training And Installations

  • Oracle Authorised Software Trainers and Installation Engineers.
  • Team of functional consultants to help you get full value out of your investment, with an independent IT team who specializes in providing complete hardware support.

Oracle Primavera Cloud

The most modern cloud-based platform in the market, that provides a comprehensive project management solution!


Schedule Management

  • Allows users to track project scope and assign resources proactively.

Resource Management

  • Allows project managers to manage all company roles and resources at an enterprise level.
  • Balance out resource assignments to reduce over or under utilization.

Risk Management

  • Risk register – to view and prioritize project risks. Risk response plans to address project risks and establish post response scenarios.
  • Monte Carlo analysis on schedule data by incorporating risk data.

Features and Benefits

End To End Project And Portfolio Visibility

  • Integrate portfolios, cost, schedule, and quality solutions under a single platform.
  • Enhance decision making with end-to-end visibility across projects and proposals and Realtime insight into portfolio activity, status, and metrics.
  • Allow continuous communication and collaboration between stakeholders.

Manage Business Workflows And Processes

  • Built-in workflows with an option to expand via configuration.
  • Review and approval of updates to ensure project integrity.
  • Embedded analytics.

Access Project Information From Anywhere

  • Web-based interface with no client installation or plug-ins.
  • iPad and iPhone applications support updating project status online or offline.
  • Ability to access all project documents via a mobile device, mark them up, and save locally for offline access.


Big projects mean big challenges, especially when you’ve got several of them running all at once. You may have to deal with multiple contracts and contractors, often in different currencies.

You’ve got to control cost, project scope, manage cash flow, cleverly schedule every stage of each project, and integrate it all into one cost-effective, low-risk strategic vision that delivers results.

The best tool for creating business processes encompassing cost, project delivery, contract and change management whist generating reports real time is Unifier.

Key Benefits and Features

Integrated Planning And Project Execution Benefits

Use cash flow actuals to inform and improve forecast accuracy. Share relevant data between planning and execution to reduce the risk of funding-related delays.

Integrated Cost And Contract Management Benefits

Integrated cost and contract management helps increase forecast accuracy, improves visibility into cash flow, and speeds up change and contract administration.

Connected Contract And Change Management Benefits.

Connect contract and change management to increase control over your commits. Reduce the time it takes to make change-based contract updates.

Integrated Cost And Schedule Management Benefits

Increase budget and forecast accuracy, track project progress, gain visibility into the impacts of change on cost and schedule and verify work completion.

Funding Management Benefits

Manage multiple funding sources to ensure funds are allocated properly, time periods are adhered to, and required reporting is accurate and in compliance.

Facilities And Asset Management Benefits

Preventive maintenance, work order management, and warranty administration save time and money, helping you improve operations and increase efficiency throughout the asset lifecycle. Support budgeting and maintenance planning by automating the inspection of your facilities and systems’ condition as well as the resulting data collection, analysis, and reporting.


Every project organization has their own private workspace and owns their own data, controlling access to their information and what they share. Easily manage millions of documents and models without limits on data or participants, including any size, type, or number of files, with Oracle Aconex.

A Neutral, Universal Fair Platform

The Aconex CDE provides inbuilt simplicity that makes it intuitive for users, is neutral so all project organizations are equal, with leading security.

Every organization on the project has their own private workspace on the Aconex platform and controls the data in their workspace, including who they share that data with and when. This builds trust, driving adoption and collaboration, creating a single source of project truth.

An unalterable audit trail drives fewer disputes and faster resolution. A trusted and adopted platform, capturing complete process data across the lifecycle, maximizes data quality, providing the visibility and control.

Create a single source of truth for the entire project team. A single document register with strict version control protocols eliminates the risk of multiple datastores and helps ensure that everyone uses the correct information.

The cloud and collaborative model connect teams and processes across the entire supply chain.

True Common Data Environment

The Aconex CDE provides inbuilt simplicity that makes it intuitive for users, is neutral so all project organizations are equal, with leading security.

The cloud and collaborative model connect teams and processes across the entire supply chain.