Geoforce offers industry-leading asset tracking solutions, combining robust hardware and intelligent software for an optimized user experience. Their compact yet powerful GPS devices excel in diverse environments, providing precise tracking information for various types of equipment and containers.

The GTO Compact Asset Tracker

The Geoforce GT0 Compact Asset Tracker is the world’s smallest industrial grade GPS asset tracker. It has very small footprint, simple installation, long battery life, durable design and reports its location twice a day into a user’s MyGeotab database.

GT0 Compact Asset Tracker
With its compact size and tough build, the GT0 is ideal for all equipment types of field equipment and shipping containers. The device, paired with Geoforce’s Track and Trace web-based software, helps minimize lost revenue, recover lost and misplaced equipment, reduce underutilized equipment, verify billing, and efficiently retrieve and manage inventory.

Features And Capabilities:

GTI Asset Tracker

The versatile GT1 tracks assets in locations too challenging for other GPS devices. The GT1’s rugged metal bezel and hermetically-sealed construction provides durable protection from extreme temperatures, forces and chemicals. The GT1 is not only the world’s most rugged device, but also its safest, as it has achieved the highest IECEx/ATEX Zone 0 rating.

Features And Capabilities: